YogiGym® Suspension System

YogiGym® Suspension System

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YogiGym® Suspension System
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               RELIEF FROM BACK PAIN

The YogiGym® is a revolutionary yoga sling and full-body suspension trainer that can be used at home or out doors.  It is ideal for spinal decompression and provides perfect support to move the body beyond restrictions and imbalances while providing some fearless flying fun!

  • Soft foam insert in one panel for maximum comfort and support
  • Generous 5 feet of softer, breathable and very durable recycled parachute fabric
  • 14 height settings that allow for a variety of postural options and quick-and-easy adjustments
  • Use traditional poses or customize your own. The system is designed to give the freedom to move
  • 7 gorgeous colours to choose from
  • Hand-crafted and ethically produced 

For the best anti-gravity / aerial experience available....

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May Reverse Signs Of Aging  Regular suspended inversions manage the adverse effects that gravity imposes on our bodies. As a result, we will stand and possibly even be taller. Improved circulation affects the “glow” and tone of the skin and boosts collagen productivity resulting in firmer, smoother skin – a kind of natural facelift! With boosted lymphatic drainage and detoxification, visual signs of toxicity such as acne, cellulite, fluid retention, and varicose veins tend to reduce. Inverted positions also help reposition prolapsed, protruding organs resulting in a flatter midriff.

Relief from Chronic Back Pain Prime back care results are achieved when the supportive muscles of the spinal column are synergistically lengthened and strengthened when performing suspended inversions with gentle therapeutic movements resulting in an incredible feeling of release. Subluxations of the vertebrae tend to correct, helping to diminish back pain. Studies have proven it to be helpful in correcting or greatly improving the condition of herniated nucleus pulposis, herniated discs, spondylolisthesis, lumbar osteoarthritis, sciatica, paralytic scoliosis and inclinatory skeletal defects (rib angle changes, thin discs, and compression wedging of the vertebrae). Only when the spinal column is in good health, can the rest of the body function properly. It is normal to see a dramatic change in overall strength, immunity, and emotional wellbeing by toning and taking care of your spinal column.

The Perfect Yoga Prop Explore advance yoga postures such as Head Stands, Hand Stands, Back Bends, Arm Balances and extreme stretches such a Splits, easily with full mastery and free from fear of injury.

A Total Body Workout  Full body workouts can be achieved with the YogiGym®, a versatile portable gym ideal for Body Weight Training, Core Enhancement. Strengthen counter-balancing muscle sets while also increasing flexibility, coordination and body awareness.

Disclaimer:  Everyone's body and state of health  is different.  We do not guarantee health benefits or specific results.  Please consult a health practitioner before using this equipment

Quality without Compromise

We care about our world. 

YogiGym® is a Canadian company and we’re proud to bring you the most ethically produced and eco-friendly suspension sling available.

Each YogiGym® is ethically and sustainable hand-crafted from recycled parachute material.  


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